23 Jun

Studies Show Sleep Apnea Puts You at Greater Risk of Developing Dementia

dementiaIt stands to reason that sleep apnea can have an adverse impact on cognitive function. After all, essentially, the condition limits oxygen to the brain; and many sufferers report feeling sluggish the following day, or unable to concentrate.

However, studies reveal that the problem may be more severe than originally thought. In fact, according to the results, it may speed up the onset of dementia and other related brain conditions. Read More

09 Jun

Could Your Snoring Problem Actually Be Sleep Apnea?

snoring 2In most cases, snoring is fairly harmless; though for the person trying to sleep next to a snorer, it may not feel that way! However, in other instances, snoring can actually be a sign that something is more seriously wrong with your health.

Sleep apnea is a very common problem, but alarmingly, fewer than one in three people realize that they have it. Due to the fact that it’s common, it’s easily dismissed as ‘one of those things’. However, sleep apnea can actually have a serious impact on your health. Read More

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