Viviana Ortiz


Viviana is a Consultant for Blackstone and CEO, Vick Tipnes. Her purpose is to help the CEO create a World Class Organization. For the past 2 years, Viviana has worked on creating company policies that create an exceptional work environment. She’s here to ensure everyone that comes onboard becomes part of this truly competent group and is able to add their unique value and thrive. Viviana comes to Blackstone with over 15 years of experience as a business consultant, helping hundreds of others perform at their best. She works with the CEO as his voice to create the future of Blackstone.

Nick Skijus

Director of Sales

Nick is a native of the Sunshine State and was born and raised in Tampa Florida.  He chose to take the road less traveled and attended military college at The Citadel in Charleston S.C. graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Nick has worked in the field of sleep medicine for ten years.  After initially working in the sleep apnea therapy sector, he then entered the diagnostic sleep lab environment as a leader in business development for four years.  He then brought his expertise to Blackstone as our Regional Sales Manager.  Currently leading our team of Physician Sleep Advisors, he is a vital key to the continued growth of Blackstone Medical Services. With a passion for outdoor adventure, Nick is an avid mountain biker and snow skier but also enjoys playing soccer and hockey to stay fit.  Aside from helping patients and physicians appreciate the importance of sleep apnea, Nick knows how important his family is to him and spends much of his time with his wife and two amazing children.

Michael Reiss, Esq.

General Counsel

Michael has over a decade of experience in representing health care providers in Florida with many of their legal needs. Mr. Reiss has extensive experience in litigation including class actions, complex litigation, toxic torts, and bad faith. Here at Blackstone, Mr. Reiss is providing his experience in helping Blackstone grow its business and providing guidance with many of its legal needs.

Jeffrey Strickland

HR Manager

Jeffrey is the Human Resources Manager at Blackstone Medical Services, with over twenty years of HR experience.  

After growing up in New York, he pursued a career in the Airforce as an HR/Personnel Specialist, Operations, Employee relations, and Recruiting knowledge background. 

Jeffrey holds a degree in Human Resource management and Social Sciences, which not only reflects his qualifications for the position, but the above and beyond mentality to provide service with care to anyone who asks.  His experience dealing with diversity and Inclusion ensures positive settings throughout the environment he sets foot in. 

Jeffrey’s passion is to assist others with enhancing their lives professionally and personally, which is why he continues to pursue new Blackstone team members, offering developmental insight if needed