Patient Support

Blackstone Medical Services is committed to ensuring that patients successfully carry out the diagnostic test that their healthcare provider has ordered. We appreciate any feedback patients provide on the service they received from our staff and regarding their test so please complete the Patient Satisfaction Survey included in your paperwork or send comments to

Home Sleep Testing

The diagnostic equipment used by Blackstone Medical Services is manufactured, to the highest technical standards, by one of the largest global manufacturers of medical equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep breathing disorders.

Do the first night of your test on the day you receive the device. Please complete the study within 5 days from the day you receive the device. If you have any difficulty completing the study in that time, please contact us immediately to allow us to help you.

Please read the Device Return Policy and contact us if you have any questions or concerns: call toll-free on 1-888-710-2727, live chat during regular business hours (M – F, 8am – 5 pm EST) or email

24-Hour Toll Free Telephone Support

Toll free telephone support with a live representative is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. Call 1-888-710-2727 to speak with a representative.

Live Chat

If you have questions, chat with a representative between 8am – 5pm EST Monday to Friday.

Instructional Videos – Home Sleep Test

Please take the device and supplies out of the box and have them on hand while reading the instructions or watching the instructional video.

Our Registered Sleep Technician walks you through the test step-by-step from checking the supplies and paperwork that come in the box, how to apply the test sensors and do the test itself, to what to do once you’ve completed the study.

Note: from time to time, manufacturers change the way supplies look, and so your supplies may not appear exactly as they do in the video, but they will still work successfully.

Apnea Link Air Devices

These devices are marked with the letter “A” on them.


Either of these two cannulas (air flow tubes) will work:

What Happens After Completing the Test

It is important that you complete the test promptly and return the device in a timely manner so that we can send the report of your test to your healthcare provider, so they can discuss these results with you and take the important steps towards helping you get better sleep and live a healthier and more energetic life.

A report will be sent to your healthcare provider within 48 hours of receiving a successfully completed study. On the rare occasion that there is a problem with your study we will contact you to get further information and determine what the next step should be.

Your healthcare provider will discuss the results with you and determine the best course of action based upon your individual signs, symptoms and the findings of the study.