“My doctor referred me to Blackstone. I didn’t want to sleep in a strange bed with people watching me and I didn’t want to be connected to a bunch of bulky wires. Throughout the entire process, Blackstone’s staff was extremely responsible, courteous and professional. The training session available is very simple and not intimidating at all. The device wasn’t uncomfortable and I slept like a baby! I have recommended Blackstone to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so. It’s the best place to undergo a sleep study.”
Anne Morrick, 50, Tampa, FL

“I never dreamed I had sleep apnea. Blackstone’s home sleep study told me otherwise. The test was easy to employ and no bother once I was asleep. The next morning I simply put the few implements into the box in which they came, attached the return label and have UPS pick up the box. The results come quickly.”
Norman C. from Tampa, Florida

“The service provided by Blackstone Medical Services was fantastic!. I am going to tell all my friends and family members that sleep studies can be easily and effectively performed in the comfort of your own home. I first went to the Mayo clinic sleep study center. But it would have cost close to $3,000 for one overnight stay there for the same results I would get from Blackstone.”
Richard L. from Jacksonville, Florida.

“I always thought I may have sleep apnea but with Blackstone’s easy to use home kit I was able to validate that. I am on the Auto PAP therapy and have never felt better. I have so much more energy!”
John M. from Tampa, Florida.

“This will give you an example of what I went through a few years ago during a sleep study test at a sleep laboratory. First, I was asked to be there at 7:00 at night for this test which I thought was a little too early. When I arrived the technician had me strip down and issued me a hospital gown, which I don’t usually wear to bed! Then he took me into his lab and started hooking up all kinds of wires to my head and body. By the time he was finished I looked like an astronaut getting hooked up before a flight into space. I was never comfortable.

He told me to go to bed and fall asleep. Now it’s about 8:00 and I don’t usually go to bed at that hour. Maybe at about 10-11pm would have been more appropriate and I’m used to watching TV and then falling asleep. He had a TV set in another room and said I could watch it until I got sleepy. Now, with all these wires hooked up to me who would get sleepy? Not me. At about nine thirty I told him I was ready, I got into bed, he hooked up the wires and mask and told me to go to sleep. The room was comfortable but it was very dark and they have a camera watching you. Not like my own bedroom! Well to tell you the truth I did not sleep a wink for 5 hours, I figured I would lay there, not move and breathe normally with my eyes closed, it was horrible. I got up about 4:30 am and told the tech I could not sleep. He said “you slept enough it’s okay to go home, we have the information”. So I felt this test was not right.

I continued to have some problems and recently my doctor recommended Blackstone for a Home Sleep Test. The equipment arrived at my house. The instructions were very simple and the equipment is very easy to use, no mask was necessary. I put it together went to bed watched TV and fell asleep when I was ready. I slept normally with no problems caused by the testing equipment. I packed the equipment in the same box it came in and sent it back. I was amazed at how fast I actually was able to fall asleep. I feel more confident about the results of this compared to the one I had done in the lab.

I highly recommend the Blackstone Home Sleep Test to anyone that might need this type of test. Thank you, Blackstone.”
Daniel Betancourt

“I am looking forward to losing weight now that I am being treated for sleep apnea thanks to Blackstone. I also have my bed partner back in the bedroom with me because I am not snoring anymore! The home test was great as I didn’t have to go sleep in a strange bed!”
Marge S. from Tampa, Florida

“I want to thank Blackstone Medical Services for making the sleep study process so incredibly easy! Years ago I completed a study at a sleep lab and not only was I attached to 100 different wires on the top of my head, chest, arms and legs but I slept in a bed at the lab feeling uncomfortable throughout the night. With Blackstone’s at home equipment, I was able to easily connect everything myself and sleep comfortably in my own bed! Watch the short video as it does answer most any question you may have (I watched on 2nd day). Staff and 24 hour hotline were very pleasant and helpful! Would recommend Blackstone Medical Services to any friend or family member!”
Amie P., Windermere, FL

Dr. Benedict Maniscalco, M.D. practices Adult Cardiology in the Tampa Bay area. He serves as CEO and Chairman of Heartbeat International, a non-profit organization who’s mission is to save lives globally by providing cardiovascular implantable devices and treatment to the needy people of the world. In addition, Dr. Maniscalco founded St. Joseph’s Heart Institute in Tampa, FL.

Sandra Kreul, ARNP, works with Dr. Benedict Maniscalco in adult cardiology and specializes in lipids. Sandra is very involved in the community and is a Fellow of the American Heart Association, Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) and the National Lipid Association. She is on the board of directors for the Southeast Lipid Association and Heartbeat International, as well as the Executive Committee for Heartbeat International.

Norman Canella Sr. is a prominent attorney in the Tampa Bay area, specializing in criminal law. Canella is a retired United States Naval Reserve Commander and former Chief Assistant State Attorney.