Plan your test

1. Complete the 2-night test within 5 DAYS of receiving it and use the provided return label to return it to the proper carrier. If the label says UPS, it must be returned to a UPS store or drop-box. If the label is from the USPS (post office) you can put it in your mailbox. Again, the device must be returned within 5 days of receiving it to avoid late fees.


2. BEFORE you do the test, please watch the instructional video on how to do the test on our website: www.blackstonemedicalservices.com under the “Patient Support” section.



3. If you need HELP with the test, PLEASE call us at our customer service phone number 1-888-710-2727.



4. Please print name, sign and date the DELIVERY TICKET and return with test.




5. If the test is hooked-up correctly, you should see a GREEN LIGHT on the device and a RED LIGHT on your finger.




6. The device has a maximum record time, so it is not UNCOMMON for the device to SHUT OFF during the 2nd NIGHT. The device may be removed at this point.



7. If you get up to use the restroom or get a drink during the night, leave the testing device on and recording and return to bed when done. You do not need to take it off or turn it off until done sleeping for the night.