Often we are affected by disorders that we do not choose to have to live with. It is highly-likely that you are either affected personally with sleep apnea or high blood pressure, or you know someone who is. These can be a deadly combination and can be related in some senses so it is best you have all the right information to help manage and control your life.

I want to provide you with the latest information about your health so you are more educated and can help yourself and other people that suffer from these issues. This will be something that is very important for you if you are, or know of, someone who is affected by one of these two disorders.

The Relationship between Blood Pressure and Sleep Apnea

There is a wealth of research that suggests sleep apnea and high blood pressure are a very dangerous pair. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when breathing is briefly and repeatedly interrupted during sleep and this has been known to increase the risk for high blood pressure.

Research also shows that high blood pressure, often referred to as the “Silent Killer,” can cause sleep apnea or it can worsen breathing in patients who are already affected by sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea and high blood pressure have both been linked to significantly increased risk of serious complications like strokes and heart attacks. Research suggests that anywhere from 30% – 50% of patients with high blood pressure have sleep apnea.

However, sleep apnea is much more common in patients with resistant hypertension who have tried a variety of blood pressure treatments but can’t get their condition under control. Resistant hypertension is a major public health issue because uncontrolled, high blood pressure can lead to serious complications.


The good news is that treatment for obstructive sleep apnea can aid in lowering blood pressure levels. A simple, mass-therapy called “CPAP,” helps promote normal breathing during sleep and shows to have reduced blood pressure levels. CPAP is especially effective as a potential treatment for these high-risk patients.

It is very important that you know how to handle and manage high blood pressure and sleep apnea because your overall health can be greatly affected by these two. Please reach out to us for more information at BlackstoneMedicalServices.com.

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